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Herd of Elephants

Wild Expeditions


One of our favourite things about doing what we do (and let's not kid anyone - we can't even call it a job...) is discovering new wild places, and then sharing them with our friends by way of very exclusive, set-departure expeditions into these wild spaces.  The great thing is that this is an opportunity for us to explore new wild horizons, both on our home continent and beyond Africa's shores, to share with you.

Often the expedition is focused around a specific place or species (more often than not one that is highly threatened or unusual), but on occasion we will be offering expeditions around a specific subject such as the GENIUS OF NATURE, or specialist photography workshops, or such like.

As these once-off opportunities become available we will update the expedition diary down below on this expeditions page with the relevant information, as well as sending through mail bursts to our mailing list.  


To sign up on one of these epic expeditions, or to be added to our mailing list, please drop us a line.

Expedition Diary

|nto the Wild


As much as it often feels a little over-run & humanised, our little planet still boasts some fantastically wild & untamed areas that regularly feature on our weekly Zoom calls, usually preceded by the words: "wouldn't it be cool if we could explore..."


Our bucket-list is kept overflowing here and we'd love for you to join us on our next recce adventure into the wild.  They're affordable & fun ways to get to see places before

a) others get there, or

b) before they're gone... 

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