Genius of Nature


Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand everything better

- Albert Einstein -

It still intrigues us when people ask us on safari what they can learn about nature.  The usual answer to that question is to challenge them to look a little deeper, to try discover what they can learn from Mother Nature's genius.  To see what they can take away with them from being immersed in these wild spaces, to apply in their daily lives, at work, at home, in relationships, on themselves.  

There is a lot in the greater safari blurb out there around discovering one's soul, re-connecting with our past, getting in touch with out true human nature...  And, as cliched as they are, these statements do all hold true, to greater & lesser extents.  But the parts that are very often glossed over - or absent entirely - during many a wilderness experience are those relating to the innate lessons that natural design, flow & systems provide for us in answering some of the more important Bigger Picture issues we face.  In this way, we feel the natural world provides a mirror for us in which we can reflect, through which we can see our own challenges as a unique yet threatened species on this fragile planet.  And in this mirror are a billion lifetimes, over multiple billions of years of life on earth, of research & development - trial & error if you like - as the myriad of species that have lived, survived & thrived (or not) on our planet have slowly figured out what works... and what doesn't.  

As we host you in some of our favorite wild places across Africa & beyond, we hope to open your eyes, minds & hearts to this mirror of learning that the genius master that is Nature provides us in her sometimes scary, sometimes gentle, allways beautiful, wild ways.  For a more technical insight into the genius of nature, we encourage you to read up more on the rapidly progressing scientific field of BIOMIMICRY, especially as it relates to solving some realtime issues on our planet and within our species today.

This short video, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, features the originator of the term biomimicry, Janine Benyus, discussing this practice of looking deeply into nature for solutions to engineering, design and other challenges we face today.    

If you are interested in learning more about the wonderful genius of nature, either through a direct immersion in the wilderness with us, or through a more theoretical series of workshops &/or presentations, please drop us a line below...

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