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Our travel planning service is one of personal, individualised service with meticulous attention to detail, leveraging extensive experience and contacts we have accumulated over our combined 40 years in the industry. We have a network of great partners on the ground in each region who assist us with the nuts & bolts required to create epic travel experiences.


Planning a safari can be a daunting process, even for an experienced traveler.  With so many options to consider & questions to ask, there is a lot in the way of noise on the intermaweb, with hundreds if not thousands of travel agents out there all offering to book you a journey of a lifetime to one of the wilder regions on the planet. 


Whilst we offer all the services of a travel agent, we like to think that booking your trip with us is differentiated by the fact that we also host you on your travel experience, and as such have a lot more invested in the personal side of the service.  We're essentially wild at heart and our entire philosophy revolves around getting people (back) into wild SPACESEverything is entirely custom-crafted; each safari unique in the way it is laid out just for you.  

We are also passionately aware of the impact travel has on our planet, and as such subscribe to a high standards of responsible & sustainable travel ethics.


In planning safaris across the wild globe, we follow a relatively simple approach:

We start by getting you inspired through sharing with you some of the places & experiences across planet earth that we feel will best match your expectations...


If you like the initial ideas, we will ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure our services.


Then we get creative, crafting a unique & personalised travel itinerary for you featuring a range of exclusive destinations & experiences...  


We like to be involved the entire way through, from the first safari-planning call together through to the 'welcome home' message on the day you arrive back home from your trip-of-a-lifetime.   


For the safari itself, we provide an expert private guide for the duration of your trip who will host you on your wilderness adventure, giving you specialist insights on a range of related subjects through your safari, as well as dealing with any & all logistics - so that you can spend more time being on holiday... 


Through the various extraordinary experiences we share during your trip, you will no doubt feel a sense of awareness & appreciation for the issues facing the wilderness, the people & the wildlife you have been immersed in during your safari...  



And inevitably you will return home feeling a sense of deep connection to one or more aspects of your recent safari experience. 


Here we will stay in touch, sharing with you the most effective methods to get involved in supporting & assisting with the preservation of these wilderness areas, not to mention the incredible people & animals that call them home... 

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