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Image by Sean Parker

Personal Wild


As a general rule - but especially true after the recent global madness - we as a species are in desperate need to re-connect with the wild, both out there in nature, as well as more of an introspective connection to our true human nature. 

Being lucky enough to spend our lives guiding folks in & around Mama Earth's natural wonders, we have first-hand experience of the transformative power of being immersed in beautiful wild places, and spending time with untamed wildlife as well as interacting with the wisdom of indigenous cultures.   We believe what the world needs now is more conscious human beings... and we believe the natural world provides the perfect launch-pad for an ongoing movement towards consciousness.

To enquire about joining us for a scheduled immersive program or for a more personalised transformative journey of your own in one of the many wild places we work in, please drop us a line through our CONTACT PAGE.

|nto the Wild


When you consider our origins, the idea of humans being deeply connected to the natural world is a no-brainer.  At times like these, we as a species need more than ever to re-connect with the wild without & within. 


Our immersive journeys in beautiful natural locations across the globe guide you through a simple process that is big on inspiration & healing, whilst avoiding too much of the wishy-washy, candles & crystals vibe.

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