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Tribal Wisdom


When you consider that modern man is only a few hundred thousand years old, and some of the indigenous tribes in Africa have been around for much of that time - it leaves you wondering how much learning & how many answers these ancient cultures might provide us.

The Hadza & San people in Africa represent the oldest known tribes on earth.  But the First People in North America, Australasia, South America & Asia have all walked the wilds of our planet for many thousands of years more than we can claim to have. Through our established network of contacts & friends in the field, we invite you to join us for an interactive cultural immersion with one of these tribes. 


If you would like enquire about joining us to explore some of earth's more fragile wild places, or to facilitate a presentation to learn more about what needs to be done to help restore these, please drop us a line through our CONTACT PAGE.

|nto the Wild


Wherever we wander across the wilder parts of the globe, we love to spend time with indigenous tribespeople, especially the kids & elders - many of whom have become old friends over the years.


Their wisdom & deep connection they have with their natural world provide inspiring lessons for us all. We invite you to join us as we immerse into these ancient cultures...

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