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Wild Guide


Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better



- Involved in the conservation & safari industry since late 90s

- Official partner in African Parks' exclusive APX Initiative

- Fellow of the Shackleton & Selous Society, a nexus for experiential travel

- Kickstarted conservation tourism within the resurgent wilderness reserves of Mozambique 

- African field specialist in the science of biomimicry & host of Genius of Nature workshops 

- Two-time joint finalist in the Good Safari Guide Awards for Best Personal Contribution to the African Safari Industry

As founder & idiot-in-chief of the |nto  the Wild travel experience, my primary gig is to expose people to the wilds of Africa & beyond, re-connecting them to some of the myriad natural wonders to be discovered out there, & essentially, to themselves...


Despite the rather Germanic-sounding surname (Janisch, pronounced like Danish, but with a YAY-), I am born & bred in Africa, and so my love of all things wild started at a young age. Wonder years spent at a school set on an estate teaming with African critters and beasties of every kind, with big rocks to climb & high waterfalls to jump off, only enhanced my passion for being out there, in the wild.  After completing two very different degrees at university (Arts & Biokinetics), with majors covering a smorgasbord of subjects from English literature, Philosophy & Art History to Human Anatomy & Physiology, I realised I didn't really know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life..!  

Education & teaching was an early leaning - but the formal side of it got me a bit flustered.  Taking a break was what I felt the doctor ordered, and this I did, applying to be a guide at the celebrated MalaMala Game Reserve, and committing to a couple of seasons 'in the bush' introducing the wilds to guests from all over the world.  This time made me realize two things - I could never really go back into formal employment in the city again, and that the bush was able to satisfy curiosities & spiritual needs of mine in a way nothing else had or would. From that epiphinac moment, I have since worked for close on twenty years as a private guide, consultant, lodge manager & camp owner in the wilds of Southern & East Africa.  

Rather than simply hosting same-old-same-old safaris, I like to introduce a more holistic side to wilderness travel, where my guests can take something more than just some wild photographs home with them.  I like to try re-connect folks with their own human nature - by which I mean literally people's (mostly long lost) connection with nature.  Coming from, and being part of nature means we have a much deeper connect with things wild and can learn a whole lot more from it all than perhaps we are doing at the moment.  I have a fascination with all things living, wild & woolly and am truly inspired by the Genius of Nature, a subject about which I regularly consult to big organisations on, present on & facilitate specialist safari expeditions on to living laboratories around Africa. When I am not messing about in the bush, I can be found hanging out in a hammock with my favourite people, my uber-cute daughters - Lula & Indie, back home in Zimbabwe.

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