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Our African Bucket List

This year there are a few more places we’d like to get to as part of the ever-ongoing quest to see and do as much of sub-Saharan Africa as possible – our bucket list for the year is a mixed bag of weird and wonderful wanderings…

1. Congo Rainforest (one of: Gabon, C.A.R, Congo)

2. Ethiopia (most if not all of it) the Ethiopian or Simean Wolf – one of Africa’s most threatened large predators

3. Mount Kenya (as in climb… to the top)

4. Chizarira NP, Zimbabwe

5. Sarara, NRT, Kenya

6. Majete Reserve, Malawi

8. Liuwa Plains NP, Zambia

9. Kasanka NP, Zambia (bats, I say, bats!)

10. Virunga NP, DRC

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