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In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks... 


McCarthy Glacier, Alaska


For many people living in mainland USA, the wilder parts of the country, whilst relatively well known about, have remained pretty unexplored.  With the travel world being turned on its head due to the Covid pandemic, a lot of folks are looking a little closer to home for their wilderness fixes... and there are some very special places that we have discovered over the years in North America.

Any list of wilderness & wildlife adventures in North America would have to start - not in Yellowstone as many would believe - but rather in the vast, wild expanses of Alaska up north.  Having spent most of my life in Africa, I thought I knew wild.  Little did I realise this 'knowing' would be literally blown out of the (glacier) water after spending time in America's Last Frontier, Alaska.  From the salmon, rainbow-trout & brown-bear rich creeks & rivers of the Peninsular in the south-west, to the glacial expanses of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, one of the largest wilderness areas in the world; from the temperate rainforests & inside passages of the south-east panhandle, to the remote Arctic Circle in the north with its Northern Lights & polar bears... Alaska is simply breath-taking. 

Having mentioned Yellowstone, we have to say that it is still a pretty impressive place to visit, but we like to do it a little differently from the madding crowds - getting out on foot or horseback for some back-country trails, before joining one of the world's premier trackers for a few days getting to appreciate the intricacies of wolf, bear & other wildlife tracking. 


And the wilds of mainland USA are by no means restricted to Yellowstone...  We have a few very exclusive ranches & lodges that we partner with in some of the most scenic areas of the Lower 48.  From the northern rim of the Great Canyon, to the Four Corners area; from the prairie ranges of northern Montana to the lunar landscapes of South Dakota's Badlands National Park.  We utilise these private ranches & lodges as our bases for exploring the surrounding country by foot, horse, bike, ATV, Jeep, helicopter & plane. 


Below, we feature some of our favorite wild experiences out of North America...


To see the wilder side of an American icon, we take you on the back-country trails with a master tracker...

Ultima Thule-19.HEIC

Explore the great expanses of wild across the Frontier State with us, by foot, air & boat. Alaska is truly wild...

Antelope Canyon

From the Grand Canyon to the Appalachians, from the Gulf to the Great Lakes - let us take you into the USA's great outdoors


Alaska & parts of BC in Canada have more bears than people.  Sounds like our kinds of wild places...

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