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And here they are - our current selection of a handful of places that, right now, make all the safari-based things in our heads spin in a most awesome way.  These six currently stand out from all the many awesome places on the African safari circuit - the uber-awesome if you like (could we possibly use the word awesome one more time in this blurb?)

But shhhhh, some of these are still well-kept secrets, so please don't go telling everyone...

Camp Nomade, Zakouma, Chad
There is no more remote, more unique, more exclusive destination on the African safari circuit at the moment than Camp Nomade in Chad's Zakouma National Park...
Arijiju, Laikipia, Kenya
Best across Africa for the seamless blend of luxury, style, wildness, food, service, experiences, you-name-it... just wow. Enough said...
Mana Pools, Zimbabwe
A stuck record for me, I know, but this place will never run out of hot-spot-hotness... Oozing with wildlife, especially predators, Mana is a hot-spot for life!
Lugenda River, Niassa, Mozambique
Who is it that doesn't love a river?
And way up in the far north of Mozambique - bordering Tanzania - a wild, beautiful river flows through a vast swathe of unexplored territory... an Africa as pure & real as it was thousands of years ago when man & beast first had to choose between a life of conflict or of mutual harmony...
Sangha, C.A.R.
Lowland gorillas, forest elephants, bongos, chimps, forest buffalo, giant forest hog - all congregating at clearings in the rainforest called bai's. Here you can sit on a raised platform with our crazy friend, Rod Cassidy, who will tell you more about these last remaining areas of pristine central African rainforest than pretty much anyone...
Tswalu, Kalahari
Remote, wild & completely unique... right up our street when it comes to picking a safari favorite. Tswalu is a vast private reserve in the 'green Kalahari', and provides some incredible sightings of unusual species such as pangolin & aardvark...
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