Great African Films 


When  you  have  caught  the  rhythm  of Africa,

you  find  out  that  it  is  the  same  in  all  her  music
- Karen Blixen, Out of Africa -

Of course the lovely Ms Streep features as the cover girl of this particular list (and hey, why not, she seems to have a thing for Rob's).  But choosing another 5 movies to join Out of Africa is near impossible.  So - as per our African book selection - we have instead chosen a selection of films* that we feel are really special bits of African film-making (hover over each title for more and for links to YouTube trailers).


* Whilst there are many great foreign language films made in Africa (The Wind, from Mali, amongst them) - this particular list is by nature rather Anglicized and post-1980 biased...


Out of Africa
A movie that truly launched the romantic colonial safari image in cinemas across the globe (& the one responsible for my boyhood crush on a certain lead actress) - this classic love-story set in colonial Kenya is a timeless work of art with a great soundtrack by John Barry & featuring two of the more beautiful actors of their age...
The Last King of Scotland
Forest Whitaker's portrayal of arch-dictator Idi Amin is something chilling to behold, especially for those who live in touching distance of such horrors... a brilliant piece of acting & a great film about a truly scary part of African history. This film is closely followed by Hotel Rwanda as one of the best cinemographic accounts of Africa's dark recent past.
The Last Lions
Dereck & Beverly Joubert's moving story about the plight of Africa's lions, as told through the lives of a lioness & her cubs in Botswana's Delta, is a masterpiece of entertaining story-telling and some stunning cinematography...
The Gods Must be Crazy
Everyone's all time favorite tongue-in-cheek African hit comedy - again from the 1980s. I can't begin to tell you how many guests ask me if I have seen 'that sweet film about the little bushmen guys and the Coke bottle...'
A classic from the same film-maker who brought us the Marula-inebriated baboons & elephants in Beautiful People (Jamie Uys)
District 9
A very clever piece of film-making that mixes the Men in Black-styled sci-fi action comedy with a real & compelling South African sociopolitical history lesson - a must see!
(and I am keenly awaiting the return of District 10...)
The Queen of Trees
My African film pick from (way) outside the box... if you have not seen this brilliant documentary about the life and genius of a fig tree in Africa, then do yourself a favor and watch it right now! Brilliant macro photography and a completely non-human cast make this one a slightly off-the-wall A-list selection
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