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Great African Films 


When  you  have  caught  the  rhythm  of Africa,

you  find  out  that  it  is  the  same  in  all  her  music
- Karen Blixen, Out of Africa -

Of course the lovely Ms Streep features as the cover girl of this particular list (and hey, why not, she seems to have a thing for Rob's).  But choosing another 5 movies to join Out of Africa is near impossible.  So - as per our African book selection - we have instead chosen a selection of films* that we feel are really special bits of African film-making (hover over each title for more and for links to YouTube trailers).


* Whilst there are many great foreign language films made in Africa (The Wind, from Mali, amongst them) - this particular list is by nature rather Anglicized and post-1980 biased...

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