Sample Safaris

To get your safari planning juices flowing, below are a selection of sample safari itineraries featuring destinations and activities that Rob thinks are just splendid... yes, I said splendid.  The idea is for these safari outlines to serve as starting points if you are stumped for somewhere or something to do on your next safari to the Big Fat Not-So-Dark Continent.  


Of course, if you know exactly what it is you are after for your next safari, or if indeed you are on the opposite side of the spectrum and have absolutely no notion of what it is you are after, do get in touch and Rob can give you a call and try and build a safari around your every need, wish and desire. 

Best of Zimbabwe & Botswana


Home turf for Rob - these two countries compliment each other splendidly.  With a great mix of habitats & wildlife, this is a great combo safari that gives you a little bit of everything. 


And being both land-locked countries, this is a great safari for the true safari-phile who scoffs at the idea of beach mixed with their bush



Classic Kenya


'I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills...'


Nothing screams classic African safari more than Kenya, immortalised in that opening phrase from Out of Africa. And there is no better place to get a first-time introduction to the experience that is the African safari than in Kenya - after all, the modern safari originated there so they do know how to do it, and do it well...

Wild Tanzania


One of the largest countries in Africa and with one of the largest areas of protected wilderness, Tanzania is a firm favourite currently on many people's safari bucket list.


The Wild Tanzania safari is broken into 3 legs, each of which can run as stand-alone safaris.  These legs include North, South & West Tanzania...

Magical Malawi & Mozambique


The most exotic sounding places in Africa can be found in these two Super-M's: Ibo, Niassa, Vamizi, Nkwichi, Majete... names that roll off the tongue & stimulate the imagination.


For a safari that takes you well & truly off the beaten path, the beaches, bush & beauty of these two countries is worth investigating further...

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