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To hear what some of Rob's past & present guests have said about their safaris with him, please read on below...

Jack & Susan | USA | August 2015


"A safari with Rob is an incredibly special experience.  He has this knack of getting things just right at just the right times and with just the right mix of adrenalin, relaxation, informaton & contemplation.  We highly recommend having Rob host you as your private guide on your next safari to Africa ..."

Kevin, Cathy & family | RSA | April 2015


"We have wonderful memories and not a day goes by that we don’t mention the trip. Thank you for everything you did to make it such a fun, happy and totally incredible experience. I really owe Dawid big for introducing you and Jos to us and for him insisting  that we must have you as our guide..."

Warren | USA | February 2015


"Rob is simple an A+++ in every respect.  You will have a “once in a lifetime experience,” and he makes an incalculable difference, in my opinion…  both as a person, and, as a professional…meticulous and fun in every respect..."

Ellie & friends | USA | November 2014


"I keep thinking about the wonderful time I, and all the others, had with you in Niassa. I don't think I adequately said that to you, or exclaimed enough about your wonderful talent as a guide & travel group leader. We all continue to talk about many parts of the trip, and how amazing you, Donald and all the people around you were...."

Peter & Anne | UK | August 2010


"Any African experience can be enhanced by having the right guide.  Rob Janisch is one of the best.  He showed us the Vumba highlands in Zimbabwe – including amazing birdlife and local culture, before we drove across the border and into Mozambique where we stayed in Gorongosa National Park with Rob and his wife, Jos. Rob’s all round knowledge and passion for Africa and its wildlife was inspiring.  He has a wicked sense of humor but is always the perfect host.

We have twice entrusted our African experiences to Rob and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for private guiding anywhere..."


Mike & Nancy | USA | November 2011 & October 2012


"After a trip to Mozambique's Gorongosa in 2011, where Rob was running his camp with his wife Jos, and thereafter hiring him for a private guided safari in Zimbabwe in 2012, it's fair to say we have spent a lot of time with him doing what he does best in the wilds of Africa...


Have you ever met a giant kid with ADD that is inexplicably also a fantastic host AND knows the intricacies of zebra courting? Have you been in a Land Rover with said giant kid who was simultaneously jotting furiously in his notebook, making bird calls in between singing ridiculous songs while pointing out a kudu hiding behind a bush? We could go on, but that's Rob...


A child-like zest for life and discovery matched with a professional approach & superior knowledge of the bush. You will be rapt by his bush talks, and then laughing hysterically at one of the 75 inside jokes you share with him after just 3 days together. One time, Rob stopped the vehicle to jump out and pick a wild flower for me! Ok, it was actually for my wife, but still... For sure, Rob makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Don't miss out. For a safari fortified with humor, deep knowledge and discovery, you want Rob along..."


Clive & Jill | UK | October 2010


"Have you ever seen someone juggling elephant dung, or rushing through the camp in a nightie after a Narina Trogon?  Well, these are just two lasting memories of Rob and Jos’ determination to give us a wilderness experience we will never forget. 


There are guides, great guides and then there is Rob.  It’s not just about seeing the big five or even the small five. It’s everything that makes Africa so exciting from tickling baboon spiders to enjoying a sundowner whilst watching more than thirty different wetland bird species and learning so much more about the fascinating way that nature works.


The Art of the Perfect Safari Cocktail: Take one or more travellers; a wish for a life changing experience; a sense of fun; and combine with Rob Janisch.  Add liberally to Africa and enjoy forever!

Africa will always fascinate and delight.  It’s the people who will make it special.  And you don’t get any more special than Rob and Jos..."


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