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Having spent the past 20 years exploring & living amongst some of the most phenomenal natural wonders of planet earth, we have come to realize how fragile & threatened these wild places, spaces & beings are due in no small part to human interferences. 

We believe that we all have to become more aware, more pro-active & more positively influential if we are going to be able to share any of these places or experiences with our children & grandchildren.  

It is with this in mind that we would like to invite you to join us on a uniquely-crafted wilderness travel experience where you will have a first-hand insight into some of the great things being done in the world of natural conservation across the globe, as well as some of the areas where we are yet to respond so effectively.  


Through your intimate & exclusive experiences in these last remaining wilderness areas you will hopefully be inspired to explore ways in which you can get involved to help save & restore these natural wonderlands for future generations.

The ultimate aim is to secure the long-term resilience & preservation of these last-remaining wilderness areas & their wild inhabitants... 

Endlessly Changing Horizons...

The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. 

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences,

and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon,

for each day to have a new and different sun.

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer

Planning a safari can be a daunting process, even for the experienced traveler, with so many options to consider & questions to ask.  Our approach is an entirely personal one as we prefer to work closely with you in designing a unique & individually-crafted travel program that incorporates all of your dreams & expectations.​  We work closely with our team of travel curators in the offices of African Expertise and follow a simple approach...

Our Approach



We start by getting you INSPIRED through sharing with you some of the places & experiences across the African continent that we feel will best match your expectations...



We then get CREATIVE as we craft a unique & personalized travel itinerary for you featuring a range of exclusive destinations & experiences...  

And inevitably you will return home feeling a sense of deep CONNECTION to one or more aspects of your recent safari experience. 


Here we will stay in touch, sharing with you the most effective methods to get involved in supporting & assisting with the preservation of these wilderness areas, not to mention the incredible people & animals that call them home... 


We like to be INVOLVED the entire way through, from the first safari-planning call together through to the 'welcome home' message on the day you arrive back home from your trip-of-a-lifetime.   


For the safari itself, we provide an expert private guide for the duration of your trip who will host you on your wilderness adventure, giving you specialist insights on a range of related subjects through your safari, as well as dealing with any & all logistics - so that you can spend more time being on holiday... 

Through the various extraordinary EXPERIENCES we share during your trip, you will no doubt feel a sense of awareness & appreciation for the issues facing the wilderness, the people & the wildlife you have been immersed in during your safari...  


Many people ask what the differentiator is with an Into the Wild safari experience.  Without bias or conceit, we would have to say it is the guide who hosts you for the duration of your trip.  More than simply a glorified hand-holder, we'd like to think that traveling with a private guide enhances your safari across a number of areas... from assisting you curate the perfect itinerary before you travel, to working closely with you to ensure you bring (& get the most out of) the optimal mix of gear & photographic equipment; from providing a personal insight into the natural worlds in which we spend time with you, to contributing towards a sense of continuity as you travel from wild place to wild place.  But mostly, we feel that we get to know each & every one we travel with quite intimately and as such, we grow to have a deeper understanding of your needs & likes, which allows us to constantly adapt & improve your experience to achieve a truly life-changing wilderness travel adventure.

We (Rob & Neil) have been closest of friends for over 20 years now, spending much of that time messing around in the bush in multiple countries across Africa, and we continue to get our kicks in the wild spaces around the globe...    

Guided Safaris


Rob Janisch

Despite the rather Germanic-sounding surname*, I am born and bred in Africa, and so my love of all things wild started at a young age. Wonder years spent at a school set on an estate teaming with African critters and beasties of every kind, with big rocks to climb & high waterfalls to jump off, only enhanced my passion for being out there... in the wild.  After completing two very different degrees at university (Arts & Biokinetics), with majors covering a smorgasbord of subjects from English literature, Philosophy & Art History to Human Anatomy & Physiology, I realised I really didn't know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  

Education & teaching was an early leaning - but the formal side of it got me a bit flustered.  Taking a break was what I felt the doctor ordered, and this I did, applying to be a guide at the celebrated Mala Mala Game Reserve, and committing to a couple of seasons 'in the bush' introducing the wilds to visitors from all over the world.This time made me realise two things - I could never really go back into formal employment in the city again, and that the bush was able to satisfy curiosities & spiritual needs of mine in a way nothing else had or would.  From this epiphinac moment, I have since worked as a private guide, consultant, lodge manager and camp owner in the wilds of Southern & East Africa.  

Rather than simply visiting same- old-same-old safaris & camps, I like to introduce a more holistic side to travel, where people can take something more than just some wild photographs home with them.  I like to try re-connect people with their own human nature - by which I mean literally people's (mostly long lost) connection with nature.  Coming from, and being part of nature means we have a much deeper connect with things wild and can learn a whole lot more from it all than perhaps we are doing at the moment.  I have a fascination with all things living, wild and woolly and am truly inspired by the genius of nature, a subject about which I regularly consult to big organisations on, present on & facilitate specialist safari expeditions on to living laboratories around Africa. When I am not messing about in the bush, I can be found hanging out in a hammock with my favourite people, my  cute daughters - Lula & Indie, back home in Zimbabwe...

(*Janisch, pronounced like Danish, but with a YAY-)

Awards, Testimonials & Guest Feedback 

"He’s a fantastic guide, filled with a sense of derring-do, anxious to take the visitor walking, canoeing, fly-camping (ie, sleeping out under the stars), or just riding in the 4 x 4 if that’s what the visitor wants to do.  Guests get Rob’s full attention."

— Lucia van der Post, Financial Times How to Spend It, March 2010 

Rob & his wife Jos, were finalists for 2 years in a row in the prestigious Good Safari Guide Awards for Best Personal Contribution to the African Safari Industry.

Their camp, Explore Gorongosa in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, won awards in the same awards in 2011 for Best Ecological Camp in Africa and Best New Safari Camp in Africa.

Neil Dampier

I am a wildlife photographer, conservationist, educator and private safari guide, having led expeditions worldwide for the past 19 years. 

Born and raised in South Africa, I was exposed to wild places and creatures at a young age, instilling a lifelong curiosity and love of travel and all things wild. After finishing university, I began my guiding career at the renowned Mala Mala Game Reserve where it did not take long for me to take up photography. Subsequently, I spent several years as first mate and then captain aboard a private expedition mega yacht.


This afforded me the opportunity to lead trips to explore numerous unique, far flung, remote locations. Most recently, I have worked as a specialist photographic guide at Goronogsa National Park, where I was also involved in managing numerous conservation and community projects as a member of the parks management team. I have also held numerous leadership positions for an environmentally focused US nonprofit organization.


I am currently based in the United States from where I lead photographic safaris and workshops in Africa and North America, while also completing a Masters degree in Natural Resource Management from Virginia Tech University. 

My work is motivated by far more than just passion and enthusiasm for photography. It is rooted in a deep respect and passion for the natural world, a broad appreciation of cultures, and the need to conserve both. My goal is to use my extensive knowledge and passion to create authentic explorations of the natural world, where my clients not only have the opportunity to capture exceptional images and improve their photographic skills but to experience nature in transformative ways.

My work is motivated by far more than just passion and enthusiasm for photography. It is rooted in a deep respect and passion for the natural world, a broad appreciation of cultures, and the need to conserve both. My goal is to use my extensive knowledge and passion to create authentic explorations of the natural world, where my clients not only have the opportunity to capture exceptional images and improve their photographic skills but to experience nature in transformative ways.


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