Classic Kenya 

A Sample Private Guided Safari


One of the most popular safari destinations, and certainly the oldest – Kenya is the classic khaki-clad country for first-time safari-goers. The country is not big relative to some of its neighbours and yet the range of areas & wildlife is immense.


From the semi-desert scrub and wastelands of the northwest around the fascinating Lake Turkana, to the huge expanse that is the northern rangeland further east; through up onto the Laikipia plateau with its many ranches under the watch of Mount Kenya; through the Aberdares & Naivasha before heading down into the game-filled Mara plains; then continuing eastwards through some stunning mountainous wilderness until reaching Amboseli & the Tsavos beyond with their impressive elephants; finally ending on the Indian Ocean coast with its colourful culture & history....


Kenya certainly has it all. Current security threats in very restricted parts of the country should in no way deter you from looking at Kenya as a safari destination – for 

the most part this is a country of friendly people who know how to put on the ultimate safari... 

Giraffe Manor

Sarara Camp

Maasai Warriors

Sample Itinerary

I would recommend at least 2 weeks on safari in Kenya, taking in 3 or 4 places with a minimum of 3 nights per destination – the order that you end up doing the different destinations will depend on availability, seasonality & game movements. Kenya can get quite ‘touristy’, but with the aid of a private guide who knows her secrets, it is still possible to avoid the masses – even in popular places like the Mara. It is much simpler, and - in a big group - quite affordable to fly between the destinations by way of scheduled or charter flights, mostly in Cessna Caravans, rather than by road. 

 DAY 1:

A night overnight in Nairobi on the way in (either at Giraffe Manor, if available, or in the

Nairobi National Park) – this first night ‘off’ is highly recommended at the beginning of any 

safari for you to get over any jet lag or acclimatisation issues & to run through the plans for the safari ahead. We have found that this first night helps travellers make the break from work & their lives back home and puts them in the right mindset for the exciting & busy safari to follow. Spend part of this day visiting & having tea with the residents of Giraffe Manor before a brief stopover at the Karen Blixen Museum 


DAYS 2 - 5:

Connect via schedule air charter for a few days exploring the game-rich and scenically 

stunning Laikipia wilderness in the centre of the country. Under the shadow of Mount 

Kenya , the Laikipia Plateau is renowned for great game viewing and fascinating (not to 

mention highly successful) community-conservation ownership structures. This makes for an ideal start to any Kenya safari


DAYS 6 - 9:

Connect via private charter for a few days on a community-owned ranch in northern Kenya 

- Sarara within the vast Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in the northern rangelands. This 

is perfectly off the beaten path & is as exclusive as you can get in a tourism-rich country like Kenya. At the base of the Mathews range in the northern frontier district of Kenya 

lies a gem of a place that is whispered about amongst those in the know as it is a special &

exclusive place and we hope to keep it that way. With an absorbing mix of cultural & wildlife activities & a feeling of huge space & good spirit, Sarara is the proposed safari ‘bolter’


DAYS 10 - 14:

No Kenyan safari is complete without a visit to the world-renown Maasai Mara Game Reserve, taking in the Great Migration (time of year dependent).  Incorporating a handful of days in the Mara area, staying at a combination of a private mobile camp in a restricted area of the Game Reserve itself & an exclusive safari house in one of the neighbouring Conservancies – yes your very own bush home!   The Maasai Mara area needs no introduction – on the cross paths of two separate migration routes of gnus, zebras and gazelle in late August through to November, the Mara is a special & highly game-rich area in south-western Kenya, bordering Tanzania’s Serengeti plains to the south 




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Isak Dinesen, Out of Africa

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